Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

Creative Media


The?Creative?Media?concentration is a dynamic and growing professional field. This concentration provides students with an opportunity for professional positions in a wide variety of emerging?media?industries, such as video game design and development, interactive design, motion and visual graphics, and transmedia film, TV production and new?media; or a solid foundation on which to continue on for advanced education in?creative?media. It is especially appropriate for students who have a passion for applying analytical thinking skills and?creativity?through digital?media.

Students who are part of the UH System multi-campus Academy for Creative Media articulated pathway are eligible for this program. Taking full advantage of a system-wide approach, this program will enable each student to develop his/her unique skill set at the UH Community Colleges and then transfer seamlessly to UH West O?ahu for continued scholarship and professional development. Students and graduates from other?creative?media?or communications programs can be considered for admission through a portfolio and transcript review. Please email?Sharla?Hanaoka ( for more information or review of admission requirements.

This concentration differs from the Applied Science Creative Media concentration.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a concentration in Creative Media from UH West O‘ahu will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced technical skills in a creative medium such as digital media/design or animation.
  • Collaborate toward the end of a narrative in a creative medium such as digital film or animation.
  • Discuss and write about creative media within the context of Humanities disciplines such as literary studies and Hawaiian-Pacific studies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of creative media production operations and protocols.

Careers and Earning Potential

In Hawai?i the?creative?sector supports a wide spectrum of commercial businesses, individuals, cultural enterprises and non-profit institutions.?Creative西藏快3必中公式,西藏快3必中公式计划?enterprises produce, directly or indirectly, a range of goods services that are the product of artistry, design, aesthetic value or cultural enterprise.

西藏快3必中公式,西藏快3必中公式计划For more information on careers and earning potential, visit the?.

Faculty Contact

Sharla Hanaoka
Associate Specialist
(808) 689-2392