University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

In Person

Cashier’s Office
Campus Center, C-141
Mon-Thurs, 8 am – 4 pm
Fri 8 am – 3 pm
Closed on State Holidays

Note: In-person credit card payments are not accepted. Debit cards, cash and checks only.

Postal Mail

UH West O‘ahu Cashier’s Office
91-1001 Farrington Highway
Kapolei, HI 96707

Note: Please include the student’s UH ID number on the check.

Payment Plan

Students must pay in full or enroll in an installment payment plan by the . It is the student’s responsibility to verify payment has been received by the .
西藏快3必中公式,西藏快3必中公式计划 Awarded Financial Aid recipients can sign up for the Payment Plan after their awards have been disbursed to their account.

The Installment Payment Plan is intended to help students manage tuition and fee payments for Fall and Spring terms. Students with current term installment plans will not be DISENROLLED from course enrollment.

Process Overview

  • Each plan has four installment payment due dates. The installment payment due dates are fixed. FALL term installment plan payments are due in July, August, September and October. SPRING term installment plan payments are due in December, January, February, and March. Enrollment on or after an installment payment due date will require the enrollee to “catch up” and pay any prior installment payments.
  • Upon enrollment in an installment payment plan, the enrollee will provide information for the financial account from which they will pay a $30 enrollment fee, “catch up” installments due at the time of enrollment and future installments. Installments will be automatically deducted from the enrollee’s designated account on the scheduled installment due dates.
  • If new transactions are posted to the student’s account after enrollment, the remaining installment payment amounts will adjust accordingly. All financial aid and scholarships received by the University will be applied to a student’s account and remaining installment payment amounts will adjust accordingly.


  • Installment plans will open for enrollment on the first day of registration. Students must have current term charges of at least $300.00 to enroll in an installment payment plan.
  • Students will not be able to enroll in a current term installment plan if there is a balance due for a prior spring or fall term

Cost to Participate

  • Each plan has a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee.

To Enroll

  • Go to and select “Enroll in Payment Plan” below the Student Account Balance.
  • The Payment Plan Agreement lists installment payment dates and amount. Print and save your Payment Plan Agreement for future reference.
  • Once a student has enrolled in a payment plan, the student is expected to pay all financial charges incurred.
  • Financial account information can be updated by selecting Payment Profile under My Profile Setup at .

西藏快3必中公式,西藏快3必中公式计划Students who fail to make full payment for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds, invalid credit card or bank account number) by the end of all scheduled payments will: 1) be dis-enrolled from the payment plan; 2) have a financial hold placed on their student account, and 3) be notified that full payment must be received within 15 days or sanctions will be imposed. If full payment is not received, the student’s account may be referred to a collection agency and other sanctions as defined in will be imposed.

西藏快3必中公式,西藏快3必中公式计划View for additional information.

The University reserves the right to change or delete, supplement or otherwise amend at any time and without prior notice the information, requirements and policies contained herein.